Online Casino Advertising Awards

Without advertising and marketing, online casinos would not be as popular as it is today, which is one of the fastest-growing industries not only online but in the physical world. Online gambling is constantly thriving in many different ways, and it’s all got to do with how the industry and separate platforms are being advertised to entertainment seekers and gamblers.

The advertising methods come not only into place with online gambling platforms but also suppliers of software and games to these casinos. With the most popular online casinos, such as many award-winning suppliers are used to supply only the best games.

With betting, traditional games, and slot games widely being used online, some do stand out from others. Here we look at some of the most prestigious award ceremonies where advertising methods proved to be an essential part of the iGaming industry.


GCA is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in online gambling and showcases the goals that can be achieved with great marketing and advertising in the UK. The ceremony awards online casinos and suppliers of games awards for their efforts in the industry, with advertising and marketing as one of the categories.

SBC Awards

SBC Awards is a well-known ceremony celebrating all the success that advertising has brought into the online betting world. The ceremony brings over 700 influential sports betting categories into play to compete for awards.


The IGA Awards ceremony has long been one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies for the online gambling industry. Many of the most renowned betting platforms, such as BetTarget, also showcase their latest innovations and games at the awards to share their knowledge and passion for the industry with attendees.

The awards ceremonies on this list are dedicated to providing online gambling platforms with the means of celebrating their innovations and reliable services.