Copywriting Strategies

Being a professional copywriter takes effort, time and experience. Achieving the ability to write conversational and engaging content involves strategizing the tone and overall goal of the copy.

These are some of the most used strategies in copywriting.

Be Specific

Making a general claim that a product is good can be done by anybody but doesn’t prove anything. Copywriting needs to be strategized to be specific. If the copy is specific, it will explain to the reader what sets the product or brand apart from others and provide a chance for the brand to stand out with its specific features.

Being specific should be incorporated into any copy as it would create more questions for the reader to find out more about the facts around the certain product and its intended use.


All professional copywriters know exactly how to use testimonials without being dishonest. Leveraging testimonials can bring the maximum amount of accountability and trust from consumers. If the product or service is genuine, of good quality and helpful, testimonials will be easy to receive from clients and will make a world of difference in being able to attract a larger customer base.

Don’t Just Focus on the Brand

One of the most important things to remember when strategizing a copy is to not make it personal. Personal outlooks on a certain product, service, or use should not be used in any copy. And although the brand needs to be the centre of the copy, it is good to include factors that have to do with the product or brand to spread light on who would need the product.

Have a Focus on Targeted Emotions

Consumers are influenced by emotions when shopping or looking into buying a product. As consumers, we think that we are making decisions that are solely based on our logic and what makes sense for us to have. But in fact, emotions that are showcased through advertising and copy can greatly influence the ways we think about a brand or product.

If you showcase the true emotion that a brand feels about its product, you will be able to draw customers that truly need the product.

There are many different ways to strategies a copy, but the strategy focus points on this page are all among the most important strategies to focus on when trying to engage with the reader. These strategies have helped many copywriters make it to advertising award events.