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September 27 2017
Writer, Presenter, Wine Expert

Joe Fattorini

Drunk on copywriting

If you’ve enjoyed wine somewhere between Wick and Whitstable, Joe was probably involved. For the last 20 years Joe has sold wine to restaurants, hotels, bars and celebrity weddings as one of the UK’s leading wine merchants. Today, he’s the wine specialist on ITV’s The Wine Show. This year, he was awarded Wine Communicator of the Year by the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Joe wrote about wine for 14 years as the weekly wine correspondent for The Herald Newspaper. And he spent years talking about it to audiences of wine-loving golfers across the USA as wine consultant to the US PGA Tour.

It’s an unlikely career for someone who began as a university academic. Between researching his MPhil on Food & Religion and teaching Structuralist Food Theory and Hotel Valuation Models, Joe wrote the world’s first textbook on selling and marketing wine in restaurants. A book still used in universities over 20 years later.

In 2016 he was a nominee for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Outstanding Alumni Award. This is a new annual accolade to celebrate a WSET Diploma graduate who is notably contributing to the industry.

Never shy of controversy, he once wrote the ‘most complained about article’ ever published in Decanter Magazine.



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